Thank You America - The Land of Opportunity

What are some of the iconic images we think about when it comes to the United States of America? For me, I think of our National Bird, the Bald Eagle. Did you know that there are 35 Towns that have “eagle” in their names, with the most populous one being Eagle Pass, Texas -26,248? Bald Eagle, chosen as the emblem of the United States of America in 1782 because of its long life and great strength, represents our freedom. As the symbol for the U.S., it holds the meaning of honor, respect and dignity.

This year Rhyme was awarded the Hyakuman Kai Elite Award from Sharp, which features a glass Eagle. The Eagle, a symbol of not only the true American spirit, but also Rhyme’s ability to be a leader amongst the Dealer Network and recognizing us for our growth and success in the past year. Thank you to our clients for your continued support.

What Does Our Growth & Success Look Like?

Rhyme Sheboygan
After the acquisition of C&H Sales and Service in Sheboygan, Rhyme was looking to move into a permanent location. We are now located downtown in the beautiful office building located at 909 N 8th St. started in 1993 when they opened as a Sharp Dealer. This was an area Rhyme wanted to expand into because of the current customer base we already serviced here. This is a great opportunity for us to grow our market share in Wisconsin.

Acquisition of Anden Business Systems
Anden has been in business for over 40 years, serving the Milwaukee area.  This acquisition will bring improvements to our Service Department because Denise Skrzynski, who has been with Anden for over 20 years, has joined us as one of Rhyme’s Dispatcher/Service Administrators.

Scholarships & Community Involvement
In honor of Jack Steinhoff and Steve Ennis, two people that always represented Hard Work - Determination - Optimism and “Making Every Day Count”. In order to continue Steve’s work of helping kids Rhyme hosts the Steve Ennis Memorial Golf Classic to raise funds for scholarships to students and youth that have been affected by cancer. Please join us on Saturday, September 10th!

This year’s Scholarship recipients include:

Evansville High School - Hayley Krause
Janesville Craig High School - Kayla Kaufman
Lodi High School - Alex Lovik
Monroe High School - Kayla Beyer
Portage High School - Victoria Timme

The Eagle’s symbolic meaning challenges you to take an idea and bring it to life. Our “idea” here at Rhyme is to help as many people as possible, whether through assessing and right-sizing your printing needs, donating to our customers’ charitable events or awarding scholarships to students affected by cancer… we do everything we can to make helping people’ at the forefront of our mission!

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12th Annual SEMGC
Saturday, September 12, 2020.

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