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Waterford Union High School

See how Rhyme enhanced Waterford Union High School's print environment by removing unnecessary machines and implementing new technology that enabled users to take more control over their printing and reduce overall costs. Security and efficiency were top concerns for Waterford Union, and Rhyme addressed these with technology solutions including PaperCut, E-Gold Fax, and Print2Scan which allowed for better management overall of their printing resources. Watch the video to learn more and click the link below to see other Rhyme Case Studies.


Wisconsin Banker's Association

Rhyme worked with Wisconsin Banker's Association to bring new technology into play, improve their printing capabilities and efficiency, and find creative ways to connect with members remotely in response to COVID-19. Rhyme's solutions have sparked a positive culture change within WBA, and has resulted in a 17 year relationship. Learn more about Rhyme's solution and WBA by clicking the link below.




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Learn how to easily print labels on any MFP or printing device with this step-by-step video guide. To see more tips & tricks, click the link below.



Discover how to pick an IT provider, and how to decide if a Managed IT solution is a good fit for you. For more IT videos, click the link below.



Meet Rhyme's Service Team, and learn what good service means to us. To see more videos about who we are, click the link below.


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Discover the ins and outs of buying or leasing a multifunction printer, what you should consider when making a purchase, and how a contract is typically set up in this free multifunction printer buying guide.


Learn how to protect your SMB from ransomware and other cybersecurity threats with the Rhyme SMB Security Essentials Guide, including a free cybersecurity checklist and information on disasters and disaster recovery.


Discover the ins and outs of IT services, what you should consider when choosing an MSP partner, hardware procurement options and more in this free managed IT buying guide.


Whether you're working in the office or at home, maintaining a good posture is an important step to preventing long-term health problems, and that usually begins with making sure your workstation is ergonomically set up. Use this checklist today to see what adjustments you can make now.


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  • Interactive Whiteboard

    Education has changed drastically over the last few years, with schools requiring virtual options, and students being more technologically advanced, technology in the classroom is a requirement. Gone are the days when a bulky projector was wheeled into the classroom with a transparent sheet that teachers could write on with erasable markers to present topics to students. Blackboards and whiteboards are even becoming outdated as students are utilizing devices such as laptops or tablets to learn. However, the importance of the blackboard or whiteboard still exists, students still require visual, hands-on, and auditory learning to succeed – which is where interactive whiteboards (IWBs) come into play.

  • National Preparedness Month: Preventing Heat Illness at Work

    September is National Preparedness Month, an observation with the goal of raising awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters or emergencies that could occur at any given time. Understanding how to prepare for, react to, and respond to emergencies is an important safety skillset to have as we deal with emergencies each and every day. Most of us are taught in school how to react to tornados and earthquakes, however there are many other areas that can pose a threat to us that we often aren’t taught about or know the importance of. One such area is heat illness, a condition caused by strenuously working in the heat.