"Making Every Day Count"

Rhyme created our charitable foundation, Rhyme Time, to increase our ability to help others. The reason we chose Rhyme “Time” is because time is our most valued asset. We cherish our time, and we cherish the opportunity we’ve been given to help others. Every year, Rhyme gives scholarships to students who have been touched by cancer. 

We do this in honor of Steve Ennis and Jack Steinhoff, two men that always represented hard work, determination, optimism—and “making every day count.”

Every year, an event is held in memory of Steve, a man who always put others’ needs before his own. He fought cancer for 27 months before it took his life, but not before he was able to instill his beliefs in his family, friends, and colleagues.


Number of scholarships awarded by Rhyme Time.

We're looking to add more every year!