a process of continuous change from lower, simpler, or worse, to higher, more complex, or better state. “GROWTH”.


How We’re Different.

It starts with the Client Profile where we invest unlimited time learning about your business plans and goals.

We do this so that we both fully understand what your processes are, and then identify the tools and services to boost your business’ performance.

Our goal is to keep the best attributes of current processes and leverage your current investment by enhancing and improving what is already working well for you

This is a continuous process, non-linear, meaning there’s no “last step” because we are always working in a phase of the cycle to bring improvements to our relationship and your business workflows.


Step 1 Client Profile

Client Profile

Develop understanding
Work with entire organization

It all starts with the client profile; where we spend unlimited time developing an understanding of your organization’s goals and processes. During this stage we bring what we know about your industry, share our collective knowledge, listen to what’s important to you, and work towards a solution to address any problems you're experiencing.

Step 2 Collaboration


Strengthen understanding
Define “fixed”

The collaboration phase is where we co-author a solution to satisfy your needs. We define “fixed” as a solution for you, the client, not for Rhyme. There may be multiple collaboration meetings so that we can fully understand your business needs and processes in order to create the best plan. Our goal is to keep the best attributes of your current processes and leverage your current investment by enhancing and improving what is already working well for you.

Step 3 Present Business Plan

Present Business Plan

Confirm understanding
Build agreement

When we present our plan, we will confirm understanding of findings from all previous steps, share what we’ve learned, and why we’ve designed this solution. At this point we want your feedback on what’s been presented, it doesn’t have to be right the first time. Any changes will be made so that the final business plan is exactly what you want before moving on to implementation. A secondary meeting is also sometimes necessary to plan out the install, how you want staff trained (large/small group format, digital, video training), and any other details to make that day as seamless as possible.



Execute plan

Verify results

We don’t just implement the plan, we verify results. We ensure everything we are providing is exactly what we promised, and the results are what was intended. The key step is planning. We will always create a plan for implementation so that day-of runs as smoothly as possible. One example of this is pre-flighting devices that work with network before the device is even brought in.

Step 5 Training

Continuous Training

Qualified, tenured people



We offer continuous training, from basic overviews to advanced functionality, to minimize the consumption gap. Through continued education, we can train new employees or other users that want to learn more about the software, devices and other advanced features available to them. Your Client Manager and a logistics team member will be there day of implementation to set-up, train, and also follow-up shortly thereafter to answer questions that have come up since the implementation and continue training.

Step 6 Improvement

Follow-up / Improve

All aspects of relationship
Update technology

90 days after the install we will send out a survey for you to grade our performance. We want to know how the install was, how was your experience with you client manager, and how are the devices performing. After that, we have an open line of communication. We follow-up so that we can improve on all aspects of the relationship. We also update technology at this time, from firmware, drivers and software updates, to new device capabilities and applications. We will always bring new ideas to the table to be that valued resource for your organization.

Step 7 Client Review

Client Review

Verify client-wide satisfaction
Become “prime resource”

We schedule regular client reviews, whether it’s monthly, quarterly or annually, what matters is it works for you. During these meetings we want to verify organization-wide satisfaction, make sure devices are working as intended and the solution is fitting company needs. We will report back on device performance and uncover any new needs or objectives you may have. This proactive approach allows us to discuss any product or service that isn’t working right for you. We will give you continuous knowledge of your print environment and develop plans for when you need to add additional technology or upgrade it. Advanced reporting will also be available to software clients through an online portal.