Sharp Windows Collaboration Display

Windows Sharp Collaboration Display

A modern workplace is emerging. Collaboration is key - More than 50% of the work done today is accomplished through collaboration, yet only 15% of meeting rooms are equipped for video, even as video has become the norm.

Imagine comfortable business meetings with better space utilization, more productive collaboration, and minimal setup. It’s now possible through the Windows Collaboration Display (WCD) from Sharp!


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Setting up the technology needed for a meeting can be very time consuming and frustrating. But you simply ‘plug and play’ with the Windows collaboration display. It is so simple to walk into a room, plug in your device and start working together straightaway. Just connect with its specially engineered, 8m long USB-C cable and it automatically switches to the right input for whatever information you want to display. You’re instantly ready to start your meeting.

Employees working on a Sharp Windows Collaboration Display


Business teams come in all shapes and sizes–from tactical workgroups to large-scale, established project teams–and often span both local and global locations. But to be truly effective, they need to share ideas openly and inclusively. The Windows collaboration display offers the highest quality audio and video and provides the best ways to connect and collaborate using the power and productivity of Microsoft 365 at room scale.

  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Microsoft Azure Digital Twins

Device Sharing and Flexibility

The Windows collaboration display has built-in wireless casting that works with Windows and Android™ devices. As a result, you can simply connect your own device to the display and easily share and display any information. Up to five* devices can be connected simultaneously and the Touch Back control enables you to control screen content from either the display or the source device. It is ideal for dynamic workgroup discussions or interactive training sessions as it allows you to work more efficiently, encourages active involvement, and provides a more effective way of learning.

  • SHARP Pen-on-Paper® experience provides a more accurate and natural feel.
  • Use a finger to write as you would with a marker on a flipchart or whiteboard.
  • Work together immediately with no training or technical distractions.

Employees in a meeting with a Sharp Windows Collaboration Display

IoT Sensor

The Windows collaboration display from Sharp has built-in sensors that can connect to the Microsoft Azure Digital Twins IoT platform, and other commercially available cloud and subscription services such as Sharp Synappx WorkSpaces as part of a smart building environment.


Sharp collaboration display with sensors


A motion sensor detects the presence of any people in the room. An additional artificial intelligence (AI) service can analyze this data and count the number of people. Further AI services could automatically switch on displays and other equipment to enable a faster setup and help improve the scheduling of room bookings. During a meeting, the sensor can also be used by another AI service to detect the location of whoever is speaking and control a three-dimensional microphone array to focus on the relevant person.



Its intelligent climate measurement can be used by an AI service to automatically regulate the room temperature and relative humidity to make the room feel more comfortable. By intelligently optimizing the operation of the air-conditioning it also helps reduce costs.



An ambient light sensor helps with intelligent lighting control, as it automatically measures the level of light. An AI service could then adjust the in-room lighting system with changing day and night conditions, which can reduce eye strain and may save money on wasted energy.


Air quality

The Windows Collaboration Display continually measures and analyzes the ambient air quality in the meeting room and can assist another AI service in automatically adjusting the air-conditioning to provide the best possible working environment.