Discover the ins and outs of managed print from experts at Rhyme. Understand how a managed print solution can help cut costs for your organization and optimize workflows and efficiency. Here you'll find videos on what managed print is, the benefits of a managed print solution, how purchasing a managed print solution works, and much more. Check out our YouTube channel as well to see more videos.



Managed Print Services: Timeline

Discover what the timeline for a managed print solution looks like from the start to implementation.



Managed Print Services: Financial Data

Learn about why collecting financial data is crucial to the success of managed print.

Managed Print Services: Implementation

See what a typical implementation process looks like for a managed print solution.

Who's a Good Fit for Managed Print?

Get an understanding of how a managed print solution can scale with the size of your organization.

Rhyme Device Management

Learn about Rhyme Device Management and bring your print solution to the next level.



What is PaperCut?

Discover PaperCut, a cutting-edge print management application that can save you time and money.

Buying Guide: What is a MFP?

Learn about what a MFP is and how to determine which type of device is perfect for you.

Buying Guide: Price Factors

Learn about the various factors that affect the price of a multifunction printer.

Buying Guide: What's in a Contract?

Discover what makes up a typical lease contract and how Rhyme's contract differs.

Buying Guide: Why Choose Rhyme?

Find out what benefits a contract with Rhyme can bring to your organization.