Discover something new you may not have known about your copier or multifunction device with Rhyme's tips & tricks videos. Everything from interesting features to how to properly load paper and print labels Rhyme's got you covered. To learn more or if you have any questions contact us.

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How to Fix 7 Common Paper Jams

Learn how to fix the most common paper jams on your MFP


How to Properly Load Paper

Properly loading and storing paper is critical to avoiding printer issues and service.



Tech 101: Cloud Faxing

Hear about cloud faxing and how it can make faxing more time and cost efficient.

Tech 101: Hold Printing

Learn about hold printing and how it adds an extra layer of security to your print environment.

How to Print Labels

Learn how to properly print labels with your multifunction, laser, or inkjet printer.

How to Clean the Slit Glass

Learn how to clean the slit glass on your MFP and prevent unwanted lines on your prints.

Touch-Free Printing

Learn how to set up your print environment to be touch free and reduce the spread of germs.