The Xerox® Versant® Family of Presses

Meet The Xerox® Versant Family

The Xerox® Versant Family of Presses takes automation to the extreme. Incredibly, you’ll get higher quality, greater media latitude and advanced capabilities while spending less time on complicated and time-consuming calibration, alignment and high-overhead offline processes. You will expand your capabilities and output quality exponentially without the need for highly trained operators or—depending on the finishing options you choose—outsourcing complex finishing operations. 

Features That Drive Performance, Image Quality and Versatility

The Versant 180, 180 with Performance Package, and the 3100 each offer their own level of automation — a singular standard for quality, versatility and results.

The seamless integration of technology, automation, and practicality—this is what sets Xerox, and the Versant Family apart. Breakthrough performance, class-leading image quality and exclusive automation make the Versant® Presses the ideal solution to position you and your business for success. 

Grow your business with Versant®

Enhanced Performance


With increased duty cycles and the ability to print from 80 to 100 pages per minute on stocks up to 350 gsm, you’re ready to go—fast. Innovative Xerox® technologies—like our Integrated Registration Alignment (IRA) and Production Accurate Registration (PAR)—provide benchmark registration, image-to-media alignment and density uniformity, and other automated productivity-enhancing benefits.

Image Quality


Stunning Ultra HD Resolution and 10-bit technology provides four times more pixels on a page than other presses. Our EA Toner, fusing technology and built-in Xerox® Confident Color technology utilizing an inline spectrophotometer or Full Width Array combine to deliver exceptional offset quality on every digital job.

Finishing Options


Three Versant presses give you the flexibility to craft what you need with Xerox® FreeFlow® and EFI™ Fiery® DFE choices. Advanced feeding choices allow for longer, uninterrupted runs and more up time. Get unsurpassed finishing and stacking flexibility, and print everything from envelopes to banners to full bleed booklets. Take on more types of margin-friendly inline finishing jobs with all the options you need for speed, automation and productivity built right in.

More Profit


In short, you’ll be more productive and see real results with a Versant press. Less down time, reduced waste, faster turnaround times and the ability to run a wide range of high-value applications add up to better margins and higher profits. More results that help you advance, automate and do more.


Versant® 180 Press

  • Speeds up to 80 ppm
  • Supports stocks and substrates up to 350 gsm
  • Up to 80K AMPV, 750K Duty Cycle
  • Compact Belt Fuser
  • Simple Image Quality Adjustment (SIQA)
  • 2400 x 2400 dpi Ultra HD Resolution with 10-bit RIP rendering
  • Offline Color Calibration
  • 26" extra-long sheet for banner printing


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Versant® 180 Press (Performance Package)

  • 80 ppm for all paper weights
  • Full rated speed on all stocks and substrates up to 350 gsm
  • Up to 80K AMPV, 750K Duty Cycle
  • Compact Belt Fuser
  • SIQA
  • Performance Package, ACQS for automated color, Inline Spectrophotometer, ASRS for 25% faster printing on stocks up to 350 gsm


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Xerox Color

Versant® Xerox 3100 Press

  • Speeds up to 100 ppm
  • Supports stocks and substrates up to 350 gsm
  • Auto Duplex on 350 gsm stocks
  • Up to 250K AMPV, 1.2M Duty Cycle
  • Compact Belt Fuser
  • Full Width Array fully automates setup and delivers optimal performance
  • Auto Sheet Clearing to locate and remove jams
  • Production Speed Cooling Module


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Xerox Color