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June 25, 2019

woman mopping floor

Streamline cleaning with the power of professional chemicals in bottles with built in dispensing to make dilution simple, portable and affordable. Find it all at!

PDC Floor Cleaner

Discover the benefits of a PDC System.

A Portable Dilution Control System (PDC) is an easy to use system that automatically mixes the correct amount of concentrated chemicals with water all in a compact, easily transportable container. Simply connect to a water source to deliver accurate, cost-effective dilutions.

Boardwalk now offers this convenient system that makes dilution simple, portable and affordable. Get a professional clean with high performance and reliable results. The PDC’s give you the option to fill a spray bottle or mop bucket—all without any calculations or handling for dilution.Portable Dilution Control Systems

PDC’s Available are:

  • All-Purpose
  • Glass
  • Neutral Floor
  • Degreaser
  • Coming soon: Neutral Disinfectant

PDC Benefits:

  • Quick and easy dispensing
  • Go-anywhere convenience
  • Cost-effective professional cleaning
  • 30% Savings compared to ready to use products
  • Safe handling and dispensing of chemicals
  • No expensive cabinets to install or maintain

Watch the video below to see the new Portable Dilution Control system in action.



Shop all Portable Dilution Control systems from Boardwalk at

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