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March 31, 2016 @ 12:00am

Paperless Office

Does your organization manually file vital paper records? Do your employees invest too much time in the filing and retrieval of those documents? You’re not alone if your answered yes to either; many businesses manually move their paper documents, storing them in filing cabinets for months and them moving to a “back room” when they’ve run out of space. 

This becomes a less than ideal situation when your back warehouse is a ¼ mile away and you have employees walking back and forth, constantly searching.

Today, organizations like yours are implementing SmartSearch, an affordable, award-winning document management solution that can be adapted to any business application where paper is a problem. Documents are scanned into SmartSearch using a simple desktop scanner and indexed immediately.

With SmartSearch, your organization can bridge the gap between people, paper and processes.


Documents are securely deposited in archives you designate. You dictate permissions, guaranteeing compliance while ensuring that documents are available 24/7. You determine who will have access to your files and what can be done with them.


Reduce paper consumption by storing all of your documents in a centralized content repository. SmartSearch’s broad adaptability allows you to store both scanned and electronic documents including PDF, JPG, TIF, Word, Excel, Outlook files and more.


Drive efficiency by streamlining repetitive business processes including document routing, notification and approval. Time spent searching for documents in drastically minimized resulting in increased productivity and reduced spending.

With a Professional and Corporate Edition to choose from, and with our flexibility in both pricing and configuration, you’re guaranteed to find a solution that fits your company’s size and needs.

Contact us to learn more on how businesses leverage the benefits of document management software including customers in the healthcare, insurance, government, legal, and financial markets. If you’re ready to take the next step, call us to schedule your free demonstration with one of Rhyme’s Client Services experts!

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