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February 15, 2024 @ 12:00am

KIP Wide Format Device

Wide Format printing is an essential part of many organizations. Things such as maps, banners, blueprints, and more are a core part of these organizations, and factors such as quality and production time play a major role in their operations. KIP Wide Format devices address all these areas and more, making their products ones you don’t want to miss.

What is Wide Format Printing?

Wide format printing is a type of printing done by various industries to create larger finished products such as posters, maps, blueprints, and more. Wide format prints can be generally categorized as anything that’s printed on media larger than standard paper sizes. These prints typically need to be high quality so that important details aren’t missed, but they also need to be completed in a timely manner as verticals such as engineering or manufacturing may need to produce many different wide format prints in a short time.

When it comes to wide format printing, important factors include how many pages it can print per minute in black and white or color, what the quality of the image printed is, how much it costs to operate the device, and if the device displays long-term consistency in all these areas. KIP wide format printers display success in all these areas and more.

KIP Wide Format Devices

Rhyme partners with KIP, a worldwide leader in wide format printing and scanning solutions. KIP has many different products that all meet the demand for quality, reliability, fast, and low-cost wide format printing. KIP combines powerful software and high-tech devices to create solutions capable of tackling any requirements you may have for wide format printing.

KIP Color Devices

The KIP 700 C low/mid volume Series and 900 C high volume Series wide format color device lines feature several best-in-class color wide format devices. Key features include up to 16 color pages per minute (PPM) and 20 black and white PPM on some devices, high-resolution prints, high-capacity toner cartridges, and powerful printing software.

KIP Black and White Devices

 The KIP 71 G Series 1 and 2 rolls devices are classified as the best-in-class for supporting the demands of a centralized print environment. The 75 G series meets mobility demands and are flexible options for printing & scanning, as well as providing a driverless print solution. A print driver is essentially a piece of software that drives the hardware, most devices rely on this software to function correctly, however the 75 G series is able to print properly without a driver. Finally, the KIP 79 G series is the most productive B & W device, printing at 14 PPM compared to the lower output of the other B & W solutions at 8 and 4-6 respectively.

Why KIP?

Kip offers an extensive line of products that are proven to be the best-in-class for wide format devices. With high quality images, great productivity, and options available for many different print environments and demands, KIP devices are a great fit for many different organizations.

If you want to learn more about KIP, or are looking at adding a new KIP device to your fleet, contact us at the button below:

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