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June 25, 2024

Xerox Production Print equipment

We sat down with Mike Havlicek, Rhyme MPS Sales Manager, and Jon Janusz, Rhyme Client Services, who both recently attended the Xerox Production Print Summit to find out what their biggest takeaways were.

  1. What was the primary focus of the Xerox Production Print Summit?

    The summit aimed to familiarize dealer partners with four key production devices: PrimeLink, Versant 280, 4100, and Iridesse, along with their software and finishing options. It provided an overview of the current state of the production business and showcased the latest innovations in Xerox's portfolio. The event highlighted the differentiators that set Xerox apart from its competitors in the production space.

  2. Can you describe the most impactful presentation or training you attended and why it stood out to you?

    Building close relationships with support representatives and manufacturers stood out as a significant benefit for our clients. Hands-on training with the Iridesse highlighted its enhanced color capabilities, which can differentiate clients' offerings and help them enter new markets. Additionally, the Iridesse's integration with the newest generation of Fiery (FS600) underscored its potential utility.

  3. What new technologies or innovations were showcased at the summit?

    The Predict Print Media Manager, an AI feature for managing paper catalogs, was a notable innovation. This improved version learns from each client's paper usage to optimize machine performance, saving time and materials by eliminating the need for manual testing. The AI-driven automation ensures the best possible output based on real user data.

  4. How do these new advancements in production print technology benefit our clients?

    The advancements in automation mean that highly skilled press operators are no longer necessary, allowing print shops to operate more efficiently with less advanced training for technicians and operators. In-plant clients can also benefit from systems that do not require press operators for tasks.

  5. Were there any hands-on demonstrations that particularly impressed you?

    The Versant 280 (V280) demo was impressive, particularly the fuser technology, low melt toner, and its suitability for running envelopes without overheating or damaging them. The Iridesse's output using fluorescent colors was noteworthy, as was the Skandacor demo showcasing duplex laminators and specialized finishes like foil and soft-touch lamination. The Freeflow Vision Connect demo highlighted an analytics dashboard for production print, providing valuable data and insights.

  6. How will the knowledge gained at the summit influence our approach to production printing at Rhyme?

    The summit provided Rhyme with a deeper understanding of how technology can benefit our clients by improving their business profitability and ability to attract more customers through automation tools and advanced printing capabilities. Our close partnership with the manufacturer ensures comprehensive support for clients, from implementation and training to use cases and pricing strategies.

  7. What insights did you gain about the future trends in production printing?

    The shift towards digital printing is becoming more pronounced, with an easier transition from traditional offset to digital methods. Future trends indicate increased automation through AI, ensuring consistent output and simplified job execution. The future of production printing involves making processes predictive and proactive, such as automating supply fulfillment and enabling quick enhancements to documents, like adding metallic elements with just a few clicks.

Xerox Partner Production Print Summit

About the author: Amy Clarke

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