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December 30, 2021 @ 12:00am

Team members working and going over data in the office

MPS provides short- and long-term benefits enabling you to make fact-based decisions to fine-tune your print environment over time to achieve and maintain the greatest efficiencies.

Managed Print Services (MPS) have the potential to not only save you money but transform the way you work altogether. Below we identify 26 reasons for a business to conduct an MPS Assessment. 

Cost- Based Drivers

  1. Escalating costs of existing print infrastructure
  2. Pressure to reduce business costs in general
  3. Increase spend predictability
  4. Cost reduction mandates to reduce print spend specifically
  5. Balancing operating expense versus capital spend
  6. Identifying hidden costs of equipment, archiving and business processes
  7. Pressure to improve revenue and margins

Governance Issues

  1. Lack of understanding of existing print infrastructure
  2. No ability to track and measure print environment
  3. Managing large population of unconnected output devices
  4. Managing multi-vendor environment with multiple supplier contracts
  5. High concentration of desktop devices
  6. Current Managed Print Services contract ending in 12-18 months
  7. Struggling to meet sustainability goals

Location-based Challenges

  1. Integrating Systems due to mergers, acquisitions or consolidation
  2. Newly merged organization seeking efficiency and savings
  3. Distributed offices and multiple locations
  4. Autonomous departments making their own buying decisions
  5. Growing mobile workforce or widely distributed workers

Strategy, Process and Market Considerations

  1. More efficiency in paper-intensive business processes
  2. Customer needs that are creating new document or workflow requirements
  3. Lack of understanding of how printed documents get used
  4. Print infrastructure not aligned to business needs
  5. Growing mobile workforce or widely distributed worked
  6. Highly regulated document-intensive industry such as financial services and healthcare
  7. High degree of security and compliance requirements

Every business can check off multiple of these reasons for getting an assessment done. See more on Managed Print and Contact Us today to get in touch with one of our MPS experts to learn more.  

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