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February 21, 2021

Sharp LivMote

Sharp LivMote is a smart touchless solution for temperature, face mask checks and screening questions. Get peace of mind with a self-check-in and screening experience.

LivMote™ is designed to deliver a fast, safe and reliable temperature and face mask screening that doesn’t involve any touchpoints or another person, eliminating the need to assign staff to temperature guns.

  •  Precise Temperature Screening
  •  Customizable Screening Process
  •  Self Service — No “Screener Risk”
  •  Instant Alerts and Notifications
  •  Automate Screening Data Logs
  •  Privacy and Security First

Powerful Capabilities

Starts automatically

Detects people in close proximity (within 3 feet), starting the screening only when the user is in the right position

Anti-microbial, no-touch surface

Completely touch-less experience combined with a protective anti-microbial film

Zero touchpoint, away from staff

Visitors and staff can leverage personal smartphones for sign in and screening process

Accurate and fast

Intelligent IR sensor provides a temperature check in 0.2 seconds with accuracy (±0.5°F in optimal conditions)

No facial recognition needed

RFID/NFC and QR reading allows staff and visitors to log their screening without relying on facial recognition

Staff privacy and data security

Doesn’t rely on facial recognition to connect employee records, with a built-in keycard and access control compatible reader

Sharp LivMote Platform Security

Automate reporting with the cloud-connected platform

Save countless hours and avoid the risk of human error. LivMote records each screen and interaction, with audit-able data logs and automated compliance reports—all customizable to your data privacy policy and internal requirements.

Contact a Rhyme Technology Expert to learn more. 

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