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February 09, 2021

Virtual School

Does your school need a technology upgrade? If you’re still writing on chalkboards and using projectors – or even if you’re working on older smartboard models – the answer is yes!

Technology is at the core of virtually everything we do and exposing students to cutting-edge devices at a young age can set them up for success in the future. In addition, new display technology in the classroom allows teachers to streamline their daily plans and allows for an interactive environment for all to learn.

Federal coronavirus relief funding is aiding educational institutions in their efforts to prepare and respond to the pandemic. Now more than ever, upholding safety and education is paramount; that’s why we are proud to offer solutions that can support teachers, students and staff during these trying times.

Download Flyer: CARES Act Funding for Education — Technology for the New Normal

To give you an example of what a comprehensive school revamp looks like, the team at Sharp recently had an exciting opportunity to work with a high school in Texas on a tech makeover and provide them with a variety of smart solutions to make both learning and teaching simpler. While the school already had some smartboards, they were no longer serving its needs. Their antiquated projectors needed replacing and they needed help making better use of their conference rooms and other meeting spaces. Because the classroom environment frequently changes, another important consideration for the school was to have flexibility in being able to move speakers around to fit any future layout changes.

They worked together to come up with a few ideas to implement in the classroom and beyond so that the school not only looked modern, but also functioned in a more efficient way, providing better learning experiences for its students.

Sharp Interactive Display

Interactive Displays

The first step was to replace the old projectors and make use of the school’s wall space for a more intuitive learning experience. For this purpose, Sharp went to its award-winning AQUOS BOARD® interactive display lineup. The classroom installation included 36 mounted 70” Class (69.5” diagonal) PN-CE701H AQUOS BOARD interactive displays. 

In the school library, there were three PN-CE701H AQUOS BOARD interactive displays installed in existing collaboration rooms for students to work in small groups. These touch-operated devices offer effortless communication and allow several people to write on it at the same time, making it excellent for presenting and collaborating. The displays on the carts also provide great mobility benefits, as they can be transported throughout the school for students and faculty to use anywhere on campus.

Video Walls

The next upgrade: a video wall! This solution brings presentations and demonstrations to life, offering high-quality imagery at a grand scale. They are perfect for capturing an audiences’ attention to keep faculty and students engaged with the subject being taught. This high school had a particularly large space in the library where teachers would hold training sessions. Sharp recommended a perfect fit for this space: a full HD 70” Class (69.5” diagonal) PN-V701 video wall, with four panels in portrait mode (120” – 130” across) that replaced a projector and was paired with another Mersive Solstice system for wireless contact sharing, along with Datapath software and controllers to enhance the overall experience.

Digital Signage

The school also refreshed other common area walls with digital signage displays, effectively saying goodbye to bulletin boards for communication important messages to students. Three 65” Class (64.5” diagonal) PN-HB651 digital signage displays were installed in the cafeteria and foyer. The displays came with a webcam, mic and Mersive Solstice system. These powerful signage solutions are a fantastic element to add into high traffic areas for all to view. The precision and scale of these screens give content new depth and are an excellent way to share photos and announcements on sporting games, club meetings, community service opportunities, and more!

By implementing a more intuitive and interactive atmosphere, this high school was able to transform itself into a modern learning place. Faculty and students were elated with the additions that the team provided and look forward to using these technologies for years to come.

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Rhyme has held a strong partnership with Sharp for over 40 years and works closely with them to bring the best technology solutions to our clients. Contact a Rhyme Expert to start your Technology Makeover.

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