Celebrating the Culture of Rhyme through the People that Make Us

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the way we work. With many employees working remotely, it is important to find new ways to stay connected as a team.

One of the ways we show recognition to our employees is through our annual summer picnic. With the current circumstances, we were unable to host the picnic this year. Instead, the Rhyme leadership team decided to give a gift to each employee to host their own parties with their families, safely from their homes. This gift included some 4th of July staples, sparkles, glow sticks, candy, along with $100 gift card.


As a local, family business, from its origins and on to today, it is important to the leadership team at Rhyme to facilitate a welcoming culture that celebrates one another and ‘feels like family’. Rhyme’s mission, that was created with the help of every employee, is to provide an atmosphere that promotes personal pride and teamwork, with a driving commitment to listening, learning, respect and fairness with our employees, vendors and clients.

The summer picnic and holiday party are both annual events that give Rhyme an opportunity to give back to the team and recognize their collective efforts and thank them for exemplifying Rhyme’s core values. The Core Values at Rhyme guide every decision and action we take. Our commitment to these values leads to the success of our employees, vendors, clients, and communities.

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https://www.rhymebiz.com/sites/rhymebiz.com/assets/images/Newsroom/Blake-Quote.jpgThroughout this year, it has been important to celebrate wins, big and small. Thank you to the Rhyme team for adapting to new circumstances and staying committed to our values. It is because of this that we are able to contribute to the success of customers, vendors, and communities.  

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